Yankie Cousins.
Yankie / Yankey / Yankee.


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Best known of all national nicknames, perhaps, is "Yankee";
yet the origin of this famous name for Americana is a mystery.

Scholars once thought is came from "Yengees". That was supposed to have been the way American Indians pronounced "English", or the French equivalent "Anglais".

There is a theory that a Dutch nickname "Yankey" is the source, because as early as 1683 it was used by Dutch sailors.
Yankey may have been derived from Janke, a diminutive of the Dutch name Jan (John).

In Colonial times, New Yorkers rather scornfully called New Englanders "Yankees".

During the Civil War, Southerners spoke of all Notherners as Yankees.

In World Wars I and II, Europeans called United States soldiers "Yankees" or "Yanks"
and the term gradually became popular as a nickname for all Americans.
There was never any stigma connected with its use, and the nickname was borne with good humor and even pride by Americans.

The origin of "Yankee Doodle" is also uncertain.
The sprightly, impudent tune appears in America late in the 18th century as an instumental.
It was the favorite march of the Revoluntionary troops.
No authorship has been determined for the numerous verses.
Most of them it is believed to have originated in the United States.

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