Yankie Cousins.

Jo Koenig found this census record, 2004.
Written and Compiled by Gerald W. Yankie
April, 2004
"This page was written on August 3, 1870, in Perry Township, Pike County, Ohio,
nearest post office, Waverly, Ohio. Perry Township is in the upper, northwest corner of Pike County, very near Sinking Springs.
(Dad [ Edgar Daniel Yankie] said J.T was born in Sinking Springs)
In 1870 the population of Perry Township was only 748 people and is not much more populated now.

Line 37 of the census: Yankie, William J., 28 years old, male, white, Laborer, born in Virginia
Line 38 of the census: Yankie, Mahala J., 31 years old, female, white, Keeping House, born in Ohio
Line 39 of the census: Yankie, Jay T., 2 years old, male, white, born in Ohio
The dates and ages and names and location all fit. Unless I learn differently, this is excellent data to convince me that these are our great grandparents and Jay T. is our grandfather, Jay Trimble Yankie. This is the first clear evidence that grandpa's first name was Jay. I am tracking civil war records on William J. Yankee that was in Company E, 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. John M. Yankee was also in this same military unit, William J. and John M. both joined the unit on the same day, September 24, 1861, but John M. Yankee died on May 13 (or 19th), 1862 and is buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, in St. Louis, Missouri. William J. Yankee, Private, age 22, was discharged June 12, 1862 at Camp Chase, Ohio on disability."


Written and Compiled by Gerald W. Yankie
May, 2004
From a copy of a 1870 census page with Jay T. Yankie, as a 2 year old
and another page, 1880, with Jay T. and his brothers.
"I will tell you what I know about this information.
I suspect the father is William Jefferson Yankie, mother is Mahala Jane Yankie (daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Armstrong Yankie), their son, Jay Trimble Yankie (my grandfather), their son, Marquis De LaFayette (known to my father as Mark, died in a train accident in Cincinnati, OH, date and burial unknown), their son Homer (known personally by my father, retired career Army, died March 28, 1946, buried in Little Rock National Cemetery, wife Margaret, born Nov. 9, 1888, died Sept. 25, 1968, Oaks, ND), youngest son Fletcher (died as a young boy, 6 or 7 years old, buried with Sarah Armstrong Yankie in Armstrong Family Cemetery, Bratton Twp. Adams Co. Ohio).
The very odd situation about this little family: None of Jay Trimble Yankie's children, all eight of them, knew nothing about their Yankie Grandparents, did not know their names and most surprising, did not know that Jay Trimble Yankie had a young brother (Fletcher) who died as a very young boy, when Jay Trimble Yankie was about 17 years old.

Was that death so tragic that Jay Trimble Yankie blocked it from his memory, was ashamed to tell about it, was that death part of a larger tragedy involving his father and/or mother. We know Jay Trimble's father died in an accident when Jay T. was a youngster (actual age not known) and Jay T. was injured in the accident that killed his father.

We have not found the bottom of this story, Jo Koenig suggested that a tragic story about a young father's death might be in a local paper archive, yet to be studied. What is puzzling to me, is that a 17 year old boy would not say anything to his future children about his little brother's death nor his mother's death. He did talk about the death of his brother, Mark (Marquis De Lafayette), and his father, W. J. Yankie. When such things happen, I suspect something very terrible happened and Jay Trimble hid the event from his family, taking the truth to his grave. A sad thing, for sure.

John M. Yankie, second son of Jonathan and Sarah Armstrong Yankie, was born September 26, 1836 and died in the Civil War at St. Louis, MO, May 19, 1862, buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Your information is correct."


Obituary of Carrie Idona Evans Yankie
Article date about Nov. 14, 1936
Newspaper name is unknown, could be the Gratiot County Herald
Transcribed September 13, 2004 by Gerald Wayne Yankie (grandson of Carrie Idona Evans Yankie)

Many gather at Methodist Church for Service; Burial at Ridgelawn. A large assemblage of friends gathered Wednesday afternoon at the Breckenridge Methodist Episcopal church to honor Mrs. John* T. Yankie, who was called to rest Monday morning, Nov. 11th,(1936) from their home where she had been in failing health for several years.

Carrie Idona Evans, youngest daughter of Daniel and Isabelle Evans, was born near Dewey, Ill., July 10, 1874, and grew to womanhood in that vicinity. She was united in marriage with John* T. Yankie of Rantoul, Illinois, and to that union were born eight children, all of whom are living: Mrs. Frances Prather, Wheeler; Mrs. Ruth Anderson, Flint; Miss Alice Yankie, Detroit; Mrs. Evelyn Schurr, Mrs. Ethel Alward, Charles Ashton Yankie, Breckenridge; Edgar Daniel Yankie and Miss Esther Yankie, at home.

In March 1915, the family moved to Michigan, and have lived near Breckenridge since that time.

She was a Christian early in life and a church member while living in Illinois. Shortly after coming to Michigan she became a valued member of the Breckenridge Methodist Episcopal Church.

Living a useful, happy life, she will be greatly missed by her family, friends and neighbors, whose love was expressed in a large array of beautiful floral pieces.

Besides her husband and children she also leaves 14 grandchildren and four brothers to mourn their loss.

Mrs. Lena Giles and Mrs. Fred McLean sang in their sympathetic way, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," and "There is No Night There," accompanied by Mrs. Edna Sexton.

After the memorial service, conducted by her pastor, Rev. F. E. Chamberlain, she was laid to rest in Ridgelawn Cemetery. Those besides the children who came from out of town were: Mrs. Minnie Evans, Mrs. Hazel Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Williams, all of Rantoul; Mr. and Mrs. Max Drennan and daughter, Ruth, of Etna, Illinois, and Mrs. Minnie Shaver of Detroit. These friends are remaining for a few days together with the family on Friday, the occasion being a birthday for Miss Alice Yankie.

Note: Not in the above newspaper article. Supplied by Gerald Wayne Yankie
*John is a nickname used by many that knew him. His correct name, given by his mother, Mahala Jane Yankie, is Jay Trimble Yankie, born in Adams County Ohio, December 14, 1867, died October 7, 1954 in Traverse City, Michigan, buried Breckenridge, Michigan, Ridgelawn Cemetery.