Yankie Cousins.
Jonathan yankie.

Jonathan Yankie and Sarah Armstrong Yankie had seven (7) children:William Jefferson Yankie born January 6, 1834 and died June 6, 1855; John M. Yankie was born September 26, 1836; Mahala Jane Yankie, born October 4, 1838; Milton N. Yankie, born June 14, 1841; Joseph Trimble Yankie, born July 24, 1844; Sarah Angelina was born May 26, 1848; James Minor Yankie, born April 21, 1852 .

After Sarah Armstrong Yankie died, Jonathan Yankie married Elizabeth Lawrence on November 7, 1856.
They had two children. Margaret Z. Yankie, born August 22, 1862, died October 5, 1862.
Nelson Ferdinand Yankie was born February 29, 1864 and died in Carthage, MO, "Tuesday, March 10, 1931 at 12:25 AM".

Jonathan Yankie and Elizabeth Lawrence Yankie moved to Darlinton, Missouri with Nelson Ferdinand Yankie.
The date and reason for this move from Adams County Ohio is unknown at this time.

Jonathan Yankie died April 12, 1896 and Elizabeth Lawrence Yankie died July 22, 1898.
They are buried, side each other, in Rouse Cemetery at Darlington, MO.



Jonathan Yankey (Yankie) is one of the two Yankey brothers (Michael Yankey was the other) who were born in Rockingham county Virginia and moved to Adams County Ohio as young men, about 1830.
Jonathan Yankey married on Feb. 23, 1832. Jonathan and Sarah are the grandparents of Jay Trimble Yankie (aka) J. Trimble Yankie.