Yankie Cousins.
Mahala Jane Yankie.

Mahala Jane Yankie, born October 4, 1838.
Daughter of : Sarah Armstrong Yankie and Jonathan Yankie
Sister to:
William Jefferson Yankie born January 6, 1834 and died June 6, 1855; John M. Yankie was born September 26, 1836; Milton Nelson Yankie, born June 14, 1841; Joseph Trimble Yankie, born July 24, 1844; Sarah Angelina was born May 26, 1848; James Minor Yankie, born April 21, 1852 .
Wife to: William J. Yankie (is thought to be the husband of) Mahala Jane Yankie
Mother of Jay Trimble Yankie, see 1870 census, Pike County, Perry Township, Ohio; Milton (aka) Fletcher, Homer, Marc

Written and complied by Gerald W. Yankie
November, 2003
I believe that Milton (d.1886, age 7) is the son of William Jefferson Yankie and Mahala Jane Yankie who is listed in the 1880 census with the name "Fletcher", an infant. The Milton name does not surprise me, it makes perfect sense that Mahala Jane would name one of her children after her brother Milton Nelson Yankie who died in the Civil War on December 25, 1861.

Milton Nelson Yankie would have been 25 years old and she would have been 23 years old when he died as a solider on Christmas Day. That would be memorable to say the least! Mahala Jane lost younger brother John Milton Yankie, died at age 21 in the Civil War when she was 23 years old also.

Mahala Jane lost her mother, Sarah Armstrong Yankie when Mahala Jane was 18 years old. Mahala Jane lost her oldest brother, William Jefferson Yankie (21 years, death reason unknown) when she was 17 years old.

I have not been able to find the death of Mahala Jane Yankie but I would not be surprised if she is buried in the Armstrong Cemetery too. She was born October 4, 1838 and our grandfather, Jay Trimble Yankie, Homer Yankie, (Marc) Marquis De Lafayette and "Fletcher" were living in her household the day the 1880 census was done.