Yankie Cousins.
The Virginia Connection.

(From a letter to Fran Ganard from Gerald Wayne Yankie)
October 2004.
Some time ago we talked about the Andrew Jaencke that arrived in NY on the Moravian ship Irene, June 22, 1750. Many in our family suspect that this Andrew Jaencke is the beginning of the Yankey family in America but this has not been proven. There is no proven connection of Andrew Jaencke to the Michael Yankey (1st) from Rockingham Co. Virginia, more research in required.
What we do know, Michael Yankey (1st), son of John Yankey, was born in Virginia c. 1775. Michael Yankey (1st) had two brothers, Jacob Yankey, about two years older, born c. 1773, and Andrew Yankey, the same age as Michael (twins??). It seems that John Yankey either died or for some other reason was unable to care for his young boys Michael, Andrew and Jacob. The records show that Michael and Andrew were both 8 years old, Jacob was 10 years old and on December 25, 1783, all three boys were "bound out" (assigned to foster families) per instructions of the Shenandoah County Circuit Court at the County Seat in Woodstock, Virginia, "until the age of 14".
In 1791, Michael Yankey was "conformed" into the Pine Church (Lutheran Church) in Shenandoah County, Virginia.
Michael Yankey married Magdalene Hottinger (Daughter of Conrad Hottinger and Mary Catherine Kutz Hottinger) on July 20, 1793 in Rockingham Co. Virginia.
Children of Michael  and Magdalene Hottinger Yankey (four sons and six daughters)
Jacob Yankey------------Lived and raised family in Rockingham Co. VA
Lydia Yankey-------------Lived and raised family in Rockingham Co. VA
Michael Yankey, Jr.-----Started family in VA, moved to Franklin Township, Adams Co. Ohio
William A. Yankey ------Moved to Yazoo Co., Mississippi, raised family.
Catherine Yankey-------Lived in VA.
Jonathan Yankey--------Moved to Adams Co. Ohio, Married Sarah Armstrong (1), Married Elizabeth Lawrence (2)
Mary (Polly) Yankey----Lived in  VA.
Phoebe Yankey----------Lived in VA.
Malinda Yankey----------Lived in VA.
Asenith Yankey----------Moved to Adams Co. Ohio married John Harter, both buried in Franklin Twnship, Adams Co. Ohio.

There are many Yankey/Yankie descendants from these ten children. Michael Yankey, Jr. lived a few miles from Jonathan Yankey in Adams Co. Ohio. However, I will focus on my specific line from Jonathan Yankey and Sarah Armstrong Yankey and will quote from the family bible records.

Jonathan Yankey (son of Michael and Malinda Yankey) was born April 24, 1806 in Rockingham Co. VA and died April 12, 1896 in Darlington MO, buried in Rouse Cemetery. Malinda may have been a familiar name for Magdalene Hottinger Yankey, not to be confused with Jonathan's younger sister, Malinda Yankey. Jonathan Yankey and Sarah Armstrong were married Thursday Feb. 23 1832 in Franklin Township, Adams Co. Ohio. Sarah Armstrong was born November 19, 1810 in Franklin Township, Adams Co. Ohio and died February 14, 1856 and is buried in the Armstrong Family Cemetery in what is now Bratton Township, Adams Co. Ohio. between Louden and Locust Grove, Ohio, off Horner Chapel Road, very near Serpents Mound.

Children of Jonathan and Sarah Yankey: ( all children born in Franklin Township, Adams Co. Ohio, now Bratton Township)

1. William J. Yankey born January 6, 1834, died June 6, 1855, buried in the Armstrong Family Cemetery.
2. John M. Yankey born September 29, 1836, died May 12 or 13, 1962, member of the 63rd OVI, Company E at St. Louis, MO. Buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.
3. Mahala Jane Yankey born October 4, 1838, dated of death, place of death and burial location unknown.
4. Milton N. Yankey born June 14, 1841, died December 25, 1861, member of the 70th OVI, Union Army, buried in the Armstrong  Family Cemetery.
5. Joseph Trimble Yankey born July 24, 1844, died June 12, 1926, buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Sinking Springs, Highland Co. Ohio. Joseph Trimble Yankey was a member of the 141st Regiment, Company K, OVI, Union Army.
6. Sarah Angeline Yankie born May 26, 1848, died 1911 in Cincinnati, Ohio at age 63, ruptured gall bladder and peritonitis, burial place in  Adams Co. Ohio unknown.
7. James Minor Yankey born April 21, 1852, died Feb. 13, 1928 in Los Angeles, CA., cemetery unknown.

After the death of Sarah Armstrong Yankey, Jonathan Yankey married a second time. Jonathan Yankie and Elizabeth Lawrence were married Nov. 7, 1856. Jonathan's bible records two births to this marriage.

1. Margaret Z. Yankie born August 22, 1862, died October 5, 1862.
2. Nelson F. (Ferdinand?) Yankie born Feb. 29, 1864, died "Tues. 2:25am, March 10, 1931 in Carthage, MO."

Elizabeth Lawrence Yankie died July 22, 1898 in Darlington, MO. and buried next to her husband, Jonathan Yankie, in Rouse Cemetery, Darlington, MO.
The bible of Jonathan shows that he fathered nine children, seven with Sarah Armstrong Yankey and two with Elizabeth Lawrence Yankie.
William J. Yankey died at age 21, John M. Yankey died at age 26, Milton N. Yankey died at age 21, Margaret Z. Yankie died an infant, no off-spring from these four children are recorded or known. Five of the children married and have known families.

November, 2000. Your posting regarding Frederick Nesselrodt is very interesting to me. I am a member of this list and have enjoyed learning so much from John and the others. The reason that I find your posting so interesting is that I live in the log house where Frederick Nesselrodt II. lived with his wife Lydia. He and Lydia are buried on the farm. Just thought that would be an interesting note for you and perhaps even the others. Keith A. May, descendant of John George May, Bergton, Virginia==== AMREV-HESSIANS Mailing List ==== We don't have many rules or regulations on this mail list, but please check them out in the archives. In case of questions write to your host hessian@cgocable.net

Virginia, Rockingham County, Bergton.
Keith Allen May lives there in an old log house which was owned by Lydia Yankey and Frederick Nesslerodt II, they are buried on the property. Frederick Nesslerodt is a documented Hessian soldier. Below is some of my research about Hessians in the Yankey family.

Re: Nesselrodt / Captain Trumboe

I had the good fortune to meet Lewis Yankey several years ago, before his wife Mary died. The Yankey/Yankie family are lucky to have such a dedicated person interested in preserving family history and stories. I do know Pat Ritchie by email only and hope to continue dialog with her and others in your area. I want to visit Rockingham Co. again soon. I just received book on the life and family of Lorenzo Frederick Smith through eBay, from Lois May Rhodes. Now I would like to get Lewis' books too. We know that the original Yankey's spoke mainly German but unable to tie a connection to any specific region in Germany. That link seems to be missing. Along with the family stories about Hessians in the family, it makes some sense that the first Yankey in America could have been a Hessian deserter or prisoner. My line, which I can send more detail, comes from Michael Yankey and Magdaline Hottinger, their son, Jonathan Yankey b.1806, moved to Adams County Ohio and married Sarah Armstrong. Jonathan is my great-great grandfather. The spelling of the name was changed from Yankey to Yankie around 1856 in the family bible. I still can't get over the fact that you live in the house owned by Frederick Nesselrodt and Lydia Yankey. Did you say that they are buried on your property? Lydia Yankey is the sister of my Jonathan Yankey.

Lewis Yankey. Lewis just died about 2 months ago, but he had done extensive research on the Yankey Family in the Bergton, Virginia area. In fact, I believe that several local publications were done on the local Yankey family, and numerous Yankeys still live in the Bergton Community. Pat Ritchie would have a lot of the information on this family since she often assisted Lewis with his projects.    Pat is a wealth of knowledge regarding the northwestern part of Rockingham County, a area with several known Hessians. (I will carbon this message to Pat, and she may be able to shed additional insight) Pat is an extremely busy person so it may take her a while to get back. I have heard that the original Yankey in the Bergton area was a Hessian but I am not sure if it was ever documented. One of Lewis's grandchildren told me that but I am not sure of the validity? Just as I am not sure if my ancestor was, George May, although it is often told that he was a Hessian.-Keith A. May, Bergton, Virginia

Home of Frederick Nesselrodt II and Lydia Yankey in Bergton, VA. The Yankey/Yankie Family researchers have tried for some time to uncover the Hessian connection in the Yankey line. The Frederick Nesselrodt mentioned by Linda C. Magee must have been the father of Frederick Nesselrodt II, husband of Lydia Yankey. Are you aware of other Hessians related to the Yankey family? Regards, Gerald W. Yankie, November, 2000