Yankie Cousins.
Sarah Armstrong Yankie.

Sarah Armstrong , died February 14, 1856.
She is buried in the Armstrong Cemetery on the farm of her father, William Armstrong, in Bratton Township, Adams County, Ohio.

Sarah Armstrong Yankie and Jonathan Yankie had seven (7) children:William Jefferson Yankie born January 6, 1834 and died June 6, 1855; John M. Yankie was born September 26, 1836; Mahala Jane Yankie, born October 4, 1838; Milton Nelson Yankie, born June 14, 1841; Joseph Trimble Yankie, born July 24, 1844; Sarah Angelina was born May 26, 1848; James Minor Yankie, born April 21, 1852 .

The Armstrong Cemetery is where Sarah Armstrong Yankie is buried and it is told that one of Mahala Jane Yankie's youngest boy is also buried there, his name was Fletcher, he died before his teens.

Armstrong Family Cemetery
The Armstrong Cemetery is located on the Arnold-Mc Cleese Farm north of Serpent Mound on T-116, north of State Route 73.
At one time the cemetery had 25 to 30 stones in it
The following are the ones that can be read.
WYLIE, Samuel, b. 6 May 1807, d. 25 November 1849, 42 years old
WYLIE, Nancy, b. 3 December 1810, d. 13 July 1894, wife of Samuel
WYLIE, William, b. 6 December 1839, d. 28 July 1840
YANKEE, Sarah, d. 17 February 1856, wife of Jonathan Yankee
YANKEE, Milton, d. 1886, age 7 years, son of W. J. and M. J. Yankie
???, Olie, daughter of ???

Written and complied by Gerald W. Yankie
November, 2003
The Armstrong Cemetery has a lot of family secrets that could answer many questions for us but it has been allowed to go to ruin.
This land was given as a cemetery by William Armstrong, father of Sarah Armstrong Yankie. (It is located adjacent to the properties of William Armstrong and Jonathan Yankie.) It is reasonable clear that William Armstrong gave a part of his land to Sarah and Jothathan when they were married on Feburary 23, 1832.